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Saturday, August 12


Avast Mobile Security with free antivirus for Android scans and secures against infected files, unwanted privacy phishing, malware, spyware, and malicious viruses such as trojans and even against loss or theft.


Antivirus Engine: Virus and malware scanner automatically scans for infected apps, trojans, memory card content, and new apps for safety upon first use. Schedule automatic scans for while you're sleeping. Includes SMS/file scanning for complete mobile protection, and also protects against avg spyware and removes viruses.
Privacy Report & Apps Manager: Provides insights about installed apps and helps you understand your apps’ access rights, intentions, and permissions.
SMS and Call Filter: Allows you to retain your privacy. Block numbers from those you don’t want to be able to contact you. 
Web Shield: Scans and blocks malware infected links, as well as trojans, adware, and spyware (for privacy and safe Web browsing) and even USSD numbers (which have the ability to wipe your device's memory). Also fixes mistyped URLs.  
Network Meter: Measures incoming/outgoing data transfers.

Firewall (rooted devices only): Ensures privacy and blocks hackers.

App Locking: Locks any two apps with a PIN/gesture (unlimited in Premium).


App Locking: Locks an unlimited number of apps.

Ad Detector: Detects ads and provides full details of their tracking systems.

Password Check: Automatically locks after 3 failed attempts to unlock.

Geo-Fencing: Phone performs specified actions (e.g. lock, activate siren, send location) when outside the set perimeter (e.g. you go to a cafe and enable it with a 500m perimeter, so if somebody steals your phone and takes it away, it triggers your specified actions).

Remote SMS: Remotely send text messages from the phone.

Remote Data Recovery: Remotely retrieve data from the phone.

Remote Identification: Take picture of the thief when he/she tries to unlock it (using front or back camera, with face recognition). Record audio, with voice recognition.