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Sunday, October 29


Triangle is a new app that helps you better manage your data usage and block unwanted background data. Understand your data usage, Take control of your data usage, Get extra data with data rewards.To get
started with Triangle all you need to do is grant some necessary permissions (including one that allows it to set up a VPN), and you can then monitor data usage, and restrict apps from consuming
mobile data even for 2G/3G/4G data plans.

See your current statistics utilization
• use "facts saver" to block undesirable facts utilization
• check your pay as you go facts balance (globe and smart prepaid users only)
• down load and strive new apps without danger of going for walks out of facts (globe and smart pay as you go users best)
• get more statistics by means of the usage of apps you have and love (globe and smart prepaid customers simplest)

Recognize your statistics usage

Triangle provides a short and easy way to check your records stability and apprehend what apps are having the most effect to your usage.
Take manipulate of your statistics usage

It is your facts, so you have to be on top of things of how it is used. Triangle's "records saver" helps you to manipulate which apps use mobile records to dam undesirable facts utilization. Permit unique apps to apply records for 10 or half-hour at a time, or usually.

Get extra records with data rewards
Greater megabytes leads to mega a laugh. Earn extra information with statistics rewards from apps you already use and discover when new apps have rewards.