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Saturday, August 12

Hidden Android features in the Developer Options: secret tips and tricks

Today we are going to share another hidden secret stuff for Google Android device users. Many of you might be aware of " Developer Options" menu present in Android mobile phones and tablets. "Developer Options" menu was put in Settings page of Android OS to help developers in testing their apps and other functionality and features of the OS.

Developer options are enabled by default, so many people may go their entire Android experience without knowing that they exist. Once enabled, you are greeted with a plethora of different settings and many of them may seem like gibberish to the average person. However, there are many of them that are very useful for day to day use. Check out these 5 “secret” tips to help you optimize and make your smartphone run faster.
Getting a little bit more out of your Android device with Developer options.


First and foremost, you need to enable the developer options on your Android. To do this, head into Settings > About Phone / Tablet. From there, head down to Build Number and tap it 7 times. Don’t worry about keeping an exact count of the number of times that you’ve tapped it, as when you get close a little notification will pop up. If you’ve already enabled the developer options in the past, you’ll also received a notification when you tap on the build number saying that you’ve already enabled developer options.
After you’ve completed this, head back to the Settings main menu and you’ll find the Developer options under the System subheading.
If you don't have Developer options enabled, head into About Phone / Tablet and tap Build Number a bunch of times. / © Frend7


This is probably one of the most talked about improvements you can tweak in the Developer options. You can completely disable the animations, which would make your phone load applications as fast as your hardware permits, or even make the animations twice as fast. In day to day usage, I prefer to use the latter since I enjoy having the animations still in place but have them load faster at the same time.
Head to Developer options and scroll down until you see Window animation scale, Transition animation scale, and Animator duration scale . If you want the fastest animations, put all three to “0.5x” and if you want no animations, put all three to “Off”. If your device has a good processor inside of it, you will see load times and general use improve drastically.

Depending on what you want out of your animations, you can either speed them up or turn them off completely. / © Frend7


This option allows you to improve the quality of graphics in games and applications that run OpenGL ES 2.0. While this does increase the demand on your performance hardware and consume your battery faster, you will notice that some games and applications will run smoother. This is done by smoothing the pixels via the Multi Sample Anti-Aliasing 4x technique.

By enabled Force 4x MSAA, you get a boost of speed when running applications at the expense of battery life. / © Frend7


This is another extremely handy option that can be used by anyone. It allows programs to access your device when it is connected to your PC via USB cord. It is a necessary step prior to rooting your device, unlocking your bootloader, and installing a custom ROM. As well, this will allow you to make a backup of your device information on your PC.
Enabling USB debugging allows for more communication between your device and your PC. / © Frend7